Assisting health orginisations from within

An online tool to help health services improve the learning and understanding within their organisations.

For me, the joy in BPCLEtool was the constant collaboration between client, users and the design and development team. Continually trying to improve the problem areas actual users(and fans of the system) identified, made the product what it is today. Piece by piece, we were continually improving and building extra features and tools to help the end user.

Finding the simplicity in an inherently complex task

As BPCLEtool developed over the years, as most products do, things start to fall out of line with style guides set up years, tools you needed years ago and the learnings you have today. We employed Bootstrap and Font Awesome to start cleaning up the amount of styles, colours and assets that had accumulated over time. We also consciously designed in a way that was friendly to all levels of computer literacy, improving incrementally across the various tools.

I feel so lucky to have been afforded the opportunities to be inspired by the artists, designers and developers that make crazy and beautiful things with code. I'm passionate about building these communities locally.


  • Media Lab Melbourne: Committee member
  • Creative Technology meetup: Organiser
  • Codelikeagirl: Ambassador

Talks + Workshops

  • 2018 | City of Melbourne + MLM: DIY Monsters(Coming soon)
  • 2018 | Melbourne Design Week + MLM: Generative Patterns(Coming soon)
  • 2017 | Digital Designers Toolbox: Cultural accessibility
  • 2017 | OpenLAB: Cultural accessibility and generative art
  • 2017 | Creative Tech Melb meetup: Building a Dance Machine
  • 2017 | General Assembly: Creative Technology Panel
  • 2016 | Melbourne International Film Festival: Code in the Cinema
  • 2016 | Codelikeagirl: Code + Art
  • 2016 | Redbubble Creative Talks: How to reach your audience
  • 2015 | Melbourne Design Week: Design Hub Showcase
  • 2015 | Pixel Awards: Finalist(The Amazing Race and John West)
  • 2015 | AIMIA: Highly Commended - Best Smartphone or Tablet Application(Schweppes)
  • 2014 | Melbourne Design Awards: Gold - Branded Experience(Deakin Uni)