Melbourne Star

Interactive Fireworks

Activating a little more twinkle at night to a daytime shopping district

Given a giant canvas on the side of the building and using the wonder and personality of Melbourne Star as a source of inspiration - I drew on subjects of dreams and imaginations to create a fantasy land above the clouds that could evolve throughout the year.

The first task was to proof the idea. Was this any fun?

Using a Kinect and Eness' software, Pixile, would it be an fun to dance in front of a screen emitting particles? What if you could make fireworks by waving your hands in the air?


Being a permanent installation, it was really important that this installation could evolve and be customised over the year. This was considered at the beginning and built purposefully. The main character image can be swapped out, colours can be customised and triggered/timed videos can be activated. Christmas, Australia Day and Chinese New Year... there could be fireworks in the sky and on the ground at Melbourne Star.

Fun for all ages

The outcome (sorry about the terrible footage - I will update it when I can) was a family fun installation where visitors could step into the StarZone after dark, wave their arms and create fireworks. Jumping, dancing, running side to side, it was not only a hit with the kids but an unexpected hit with the adults!

I feel so fortunate to be inspired and energized by a global community of creative practitioners building beautiful things with code. I am dedicated to building, strengthening and contributing to these communities locally.

Initiatives + Teaching

  • Technecolour
  • Media Lab Melbourne
  • Code Like a Girl: Ambassador
  • RMIT Sessional Lecturer: Creative Coding(Digital Media)
  • The Lab Online: Online Mentor


  • 2019 | Generative Patterns: Signal x Melbourne Knowledge Week
  • 2019 | Generative Patterns x Escher (Melbourne Design Week)
  • 2019 | Processing Community Day: Melbourne
  • 2018 | DIY Monsters: Code Like a Girl x Art Processors
  • 2018 | DIY Monsters: City of Melbourne + MLM
  • 2018 | Code Like a Girl x Art Processors: DIY Monsters
  • 2018 | Generative Patterns x NGV Triennial (Melbourne Design Week)


  • March 2019 | AGDA: Design Shift Panel
  • 2017 | Digital Designers Toolbox: Cultural accessibility
  • 2017 | OpenLAB: Cultural accessibility and generative art
  • 2017 | Creative Tech Melb meetup: Building a Dance Machine
  • 2017 | General Assembly: Creative Technology Panel
  • 2016 | Melbourne International Film Festival: Code in the Cinema
  • 2016 | Codelikeagirl: Code + Art
  • 2015 | Melbourne Design Week: Design Hub Showcase