NGV x Hassan Hajjaj

Noss Noss Studio

Hassan Hajjaj transforms the gallery cafe into the Noss Noss Cafe; "Noss Noss"(Arabic), meaning half-half.

As part of Hassan Hajjaj's Noss Noss Cafe, we collaborated with the artist and several NGV departments to create an interactive element to the cafe: Noss Noss Studio. Here, the public could try their hand at being a subject in front of one of Hajjaj's famous street-style backdrops.

When more colours are MORE COLOURS

Inspired by Hassan Hajjaj's aesthetic, we wanted the Noss Noss Studio to be lively, vibrant and animated. Every member of the public would get a different frame colour combination and even a different interface colour!

Generative CAMELS

Although it didn't make the final cut, I had a great time creating some generative camel patterns to bring to life Hajjaj’s wallpaper. Written in Processing, we looked at flying, rotating and colour chameleon camels! Warranted in the end we went with a simple scroll background - it probably goes without saying, this was a fun project to work on.

I feel so lucky to have been afforded the opportunities to be inspired by the artists, designers and developers that make crazy and beautiful things with code. I'm passionate about building these communities locally.


  • Media Lab Melbourne: Committee member
  • Creative Technology meetup: Organiser
  • Codelikeagirl: Ambassador

Talks + Workshops

  • 2018 | City of Melbourne + MLM: DIY Monsters(Coming soon)
  • 2018 | Melbourne Design Week + MLM: Generative Patterns(Coming soon)
  • 2017 | Digital Designers Toolbox: Cultural accessibility
  • 2017 | OpenLAB: Cultural accessibility and generative art
  • 2017 | Creative Tech Melb meetup: Building a Dance Machine
  • 2017 | General Assembly: Creative Technology Panel
  • 2016 | Melbourne International Film Festival: Code in the Cinema
  • 2016 | Codelikeagirl: Code + Art
  • 2016 | Redbubble Creative Talks: How to reach your audience
  • 2015 | Melbourne Design Week: Design Hub Showcase
  • 2015 | Pixel Awards: Finalist(The Amazing Race and John West)
  • 2015 | AIMIA: Highly Commended - Best Smartphone or Tablet Application(Schweppes)
  • 2014 | Melbourne Design Awards: Gold - Branded Experience(Deakin Uni)