Deakin University

Super Happy Prize Time

What happens when you collide Japanese game shows and Batman and Robin fight scenes? A mega game board!

Over two big days, across two different Deakin campuses, we set up a giant game board for everyone to play along. Visitors simply logged in via Facebook to start playing. For a chance to win a prize, they simply selected 1 out of the 432 squares displayed on the 15-screen video wall in front of them.

An average play time of 42 minutes

Sound effects boomed through the car parks and squeals of joy echoed for every prize big or small. What we didn’t realise was that on Open Days, there’s a lot of waiting around and this gave potential Deakin University students something to do whilst they were waiting that was both easy, rewarding and social!

I feel so lucky to have been afforded the opportunities to be inspired by the artists, designers and developers that make crazy and beautiful things with code. I'm passionate about building these communities locally.


  • Media Lab Melbourne: Committee member
  • Creative Technology meetup: Organiser
  • Codelikeagirl: Ambassador

Talks + Workshops

  • 2018 | City of Melbourne + MLM: DIY Monsters(Coming soon)
  • 2018 | Melbourne Design Week + MLM: Generative Patterns(Coming soon)
  • 2017 | Digital Designers Toolbox: Cultural accessibility
  • 2017 | OpenLAB: Cultural accessibility and generative art
  • 2017 | Creative Tech Melb meetup: Building a Dance Machine
  • 2017 | General Assembly: Creative Technology Panel
  • 2016 | Melbourne International Film Festival: Code in the Cinema
  • 2016 | Codelikeagirl: Code + Art
  • 2016 | Redbubble Creative Talks: How to reach your audience
  • 2015 | Melbourne Design Week: Design Hub Showcase
  • 2015 | Pixel Awards: Finalist(The Amazing Race and John West)
  • 2015 | AIMIA: Highly Commended - Best Smartphone or Tablet Application(Schweppes)
  • 2014 | Melbourne Design Awards: Gold - Branded Experience(Deakin Uni)