Workshops bringing together creativity & technology

Our events and workshops aim to provide technical, practical education with creative outcomes.

We partner with organisations and institutions to tailor our workshops with curriculum and content relevant to our participants. We bring industry professionals to help. We create interesting content. And most importantly, we promise an open and inclusive learning environment for all ages, technical abilities and learning styles.

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Photo: Frank & Frida Photography

Ever since I was little creative nugget, I saw the creative side in everything I did. Maths was fun because I could make cover pages for my assignments, history was cool because I could visualise the timeline of events for a particular event and art and music, well that was a given. And then I found programming.

For me, programming was always inherently creative and I was surprised both that this sentiment was shared amongst programmers - but also that from the outside, it was a different picture; a land where only the scientific and logical mathematicians go. As I continued to live in the in-between - using computers to create art, using electronics to build machines and learning what I could between Google and Bunnings - I found myself needing to share this message. This is how Technecolour was born. We create and host original community-focused workshops blending technical, transferable skills with creative outcomes.

Photo: Frank & Frida Photography

Photo: Frank & Frida Photography

I feel so fortunate to be inspired and energized by a global community of creative practitioners building beautiful things with code. I am dedicated to building, strengthening and contributing to these communities locally.

Initiatives + Teaching

  • Technecolour
  • Media Lab Melbourne
  • Code Like a Girl: Ambassador
  • RMIT Sessional Lecturer: Creative Coding(Digital Media)
  • The Lab Online: Online Mentor


  • 2019 | Generative Patterns: Signal x Melbourne Knowledge Week
  • 2019 | Generative Patterns x Escher (Melbourne Design Week)
  • 2019 | Processing Community Day: Melbourne
  • 2018 | DIY Monsters: Code Like a Girl x Art Processors
  • 2018 | DIY Monsters: City of Melbourne + MLM
  • 2018 | Code Like a Girl x Art Processors: DIY Monsters
  • 2018 | Generative Patterns x NGV Triennial (Melbourne Design Week)


  • March 2019 | AGDA: Design Shift Panel
  • 2017 | Digital Designers Toolbox: Cultural accessibility
  • 2017 | OpenLAB: Cultural accessibility and generative art
  • 2017 | Creative Tech Melb meetup: Building a Dance Machine
  • 2017 | General Assembly: Creative Technology Panel
  • 2016 | Melbourne International Film Festival: Code in the Cinema
  • 2016 | Codelikeagirl: Code + Art
  • 2015 | Melbourne Design Week: Design Hub Showcase