NGV x Hassan Hajjaj
Noss Noss Studio


Hassan Hajjaj transforms the gallery cafe into the Noss Noss Cafe; "Noss Noss"(Arabic), meaning half-half.

As part of Hassan Hajjaj's Noss Noss Cafe, we collaborated with the artist and several NGV departments to create an interactive element to the cafe: Noss Noss Studio. Here, the public could try their hand at being a subject in front of one of Hajjaj's famous street-style backdrops.

Every visitor would receive a different frame colour combination and interface colour scheme and needless to say, this was a fun project to work on.


Supported by the Orloff Family Charitable Trust

As part of NGV Triennial at National Gallery of Victoria

15 Dec 2017 – 15 Apr 2018