Dementia Australia

Visualising the brain

Dementia, although not unusual, is a collection of symptoms that are caused by disorders affecting the brain. So being not one specific disease, the effects and strategies are individual to the individual.

Born from an avalanche of paper resources and videos, Dementia Australia commissioned Sensilab to collaborate on an easy-to-use tool to brief carers and family members trying to better understand the multitude of conditions that can make up a person's dementia. This included visualising the brain and the effects of dementia, computer-generated animation of helpful strategies and information on the different types of dementia.

My great grandma and I were very close. We'd eat watermelon and rice, salty crabs and salted prunes and she'd take care of me. Eventually, dementia set in and I remember not being able to really comprehend what was happening. I feel any family, no matter how much you feel you "know" about dementia, can never be completely prepared for a family member being diagnosed with it.

So this project really meant a lot for me to be a part of. Information and strategies are key - so being able to deliver this information in a now concise and clear manner can only help to improve, if only minimally, a difficult time ahead.

I feel so fortunate to be inspired and energized by a global community of creative practitioners building beautiful things with code. I am dedicated to strengthening and contributing to these communities locally.


  • Technecolour | Founder and workshop leader
  • Code Like a Girl | Ambassador
  • Media Lab Melbourne | Committee member


  • RMIT | Lecturer of Creative Coding(Digital Media)
  • The Lab Online | Online mentor



  • 2019 | Emerging Writers’ Festival - The Future of Storytelling
  • 2019 | AGDA: Design Shift’s The Future of Design
  • 2017 | Digital Designers Toolbox: Cultural accessibility
  • 2016 | Melbourne International Film Festival: Code in the Cinema
  • 2016 | Code Like a Girl: Code + Art