Science Gallery Melbourne

Preserving Indigenous Language

“The original inhabitants of Australia, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, belonged to over 700 different nations. These groups spoke hundreds of different languages, making Australia one of the most linguistically diverse places on Earth. Fewer than 150 of these languages remain in regular use and all but a few are now considered endangered.”

The first inaugural exhibition

Science Gallery commissioned Gurrk - an artwork by the Research Unit for Indigenous Language and The University of Melbourne Digital Humanities team - for their first exhibition 'Blood'. As part of this artwork, I designed and built the front-end for an interactive map with translations and sound for the word ‘blood’. Although I came into the project quite late, I felt really honoured to be part of bringing this important research to life.

I feel so fortunate to be inspired and energized by a global community of creative practitioners building beautiful things with code. I am dedicated to strengthening and contributing to these communities locally.


  • Technecolour | Founder and workshop leader
  • Code Like a Girl | Ambassador
  • Media Lab Melbourne | Committee member


  • RMIT | Lecturer of Creative Coding(Digital Media)
  • The Lab Online | Online mentor



  • 2019 | Emerging Writers’ Festival - The Future of Storytelling
  • 2019 | AGDA: Design Shift’s The Future of Design
  • 2017 | Digital Designers Toolbox: Cultural accessibility
  • 2016 | Melbourne International Film Festival: Code in the Cinema
  • 2016 | Code Like a Girl: Code + Art